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Environmental and landscape planning are crucial to ensure the sustainable use and development of our environment to keep it hospitable to human and non-human life alike. An important planning tool is nature conservation planning. ...
In addition to ongoing planning projects, we conduct practically oriented research and development projects together with universities, government agencies, research institutes and our partner companies. ...
Landscape archictecture is not intended only to create new space and habitats for plants and animals, but also space for humans to live in, identify with, and enjoy spending time time in. The design of the landscape is therefore an aesthetic mission. ...


09.02.2017 / ArcUser Magazine: Planning the City of Tomorrow in 3D / Article about Morgenstadt (m:ci) joint research project
19.01.2017 / arcAKTUELL 3/2016 - Wind energy plants in the district of Erding / Analysis of the spatial and aesthetic effects of potential wind energy plants in the district of Erding
05.12.2016 / SSF and PSU: A future-oriented alliance / We provide competence in environment and infrastructure - Strong together in planning and controlling
02.11.2016 / Presentation by Dr. Johannes Gnädinger and Sebastian Freller / Geodesign Summit Europe 2016 – Project "Morgenstadt"
25.10.2016 / Presentations by Prof. Dr. Jörg Schaller, Dr. Johannes Gnädinger, Leon Reith and Sebastian Freller / GIS Talk 2016 – Industry forum for engineers and planners
12.10.2016 / Talk by Dr. Gnädínger / Symposium habitat directive assessment (HDA) - News from the field
12.10.2016 / Presentation by Prof. Dr. Jörg Schaller / INTERGEO 2016 – Geodesign: The concept of integrating BIM and GIS
29.07.2016 / Success story 3D-Aerodromes / 3D Aerodromes: A marketable VFR-Pilot assistance technology for small aircraft
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