Our Activity Fields

Environmental and Landscape Planning

Environmental and landscape planning are fundamental prerequisites for ensuring the sustainable use and development of our environment and its natural resources. An important planning instrument is nature conservation planning.

GIS-Application and Development

In addition to the current planning tasks, research and development projects with practical relevance are carried out together with universities, government agencies, research institutions and partner companies.

Landscape Architecture

Landscape does not only serve as space or habitat for plants and animals, but also as living, identification and recreational space for humans. A special, aesthetic-artistic task is therefore the design of the landscape.

Conservation Planning

Formal and informal methods of environmental and landscape planning are available to us for the sustainable use, conservation and development of natural diversity.

Environmental Consulting

In addition to the classic fields of work, we also dedicate ourselves to tasks that arise from new global challenges, e.g. in climate protection, sustainable land management, the generation of renewable energy or the use of new technologies for the environment.

Public Relations

Citizens and experts play an increasingly important role in decision-making in public projects. To support this process, we conduct workshops and excursions or accompany them professionally. With publications, lectures and association work, we help shape our areas of responsibility and develop them further.


Closing event of the "Natürlich fürs Klima" ideas competition

Last year, Dr. Johannes Gnädinger, Tiia Haberstok, Jakob Hamberger, Eszter Kormányos, Andreas Plail and Adrian Rögele carried out the "Natürlich fürs Klima" project in collaboration with the StMUV. The aim of the competition was to inspire and involve Bavarian municipalities (with fewer than 10,000 inhabitants) in climate protection.

BIM World 2023

On 28th and 29th of November 2023 we were at the BIM World trade fair in Munich.